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It gives us accurate images quickly and accurately for diagnostic purposes.

Using radiographs, also known as x-rays, we can see into patients’ bodies to inspect their bones, ligaments, and tendons.
X-rays are also used to confirm and monitor pregnancy. They demonstrate the overall size and shape of the organs too. We use digital x-ray technology here at The Colony Animal Clinic to quickly and accurately produce precise images for diagnostic purposes. We are pleased to offer complete radiography services for dogs and cats in The Colony, and we would be honored to treat your pet.

What Is Radiology?

Radiation is used in radiology to provide finely detailed pictures of a patient's internal structures. Radiation exposure is reduced with contemporary digital x-ray technology, making the operation safer for animals of all ages. In a matter of seconds, modern radiology technology also creates detailed images that are simple to edit and enlarge for a clearer look. Additionally, because they are digitized, we can easily share them with other veterinary specialists when necessary.

In order to identify injuries, osteoarthritis, bladder stones, and many other diseases, we often utilize x-rays. They are also used by our experts to evaluate the placement, structure, and dimensions of certain organs, such as the heart and lungs
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Radiology in The Colony

We can deliver fast and accurate results!

We can help if your pet needs radiology in The Colony. Please get in touch with our helpful staff today to schedule your furry friend’s x-ray or request additional information. 

High-Quality Vet Services

The Colony Animal Clinic provides digital radiography services for dogs and cats in The Colony, Castle Hills, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Prosper.
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Visit us whenever you like!

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