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Spring Blog:

Spring has sprung for this year…and sprung hard.  So before you all run out to enjoy the pretty weather here are a few notes. For all you Sesame Street fans: this blog is brought to you by the letter P and the number 4.

Plants- It would be impossible to list every toxic plant that your dog might want to eat. The best rule of thumb is, if you are not planning on eating it don’t let your dog eat it either. The exceptions to this are grapes, garlic and onions which your dog should not ingest at all.

 A bit of grass every now and then is not going to be a big deal but we tend to spray our lawns with chemicals for weeds bugs and fertilizers so I discourage grass eating too. 

Of particular concern are bulbs which dogs like to dig up and snack on.  Many bulbs are toxic so I would worry about any bulb a dog eats. Some of these are damaging to red blood cells. You may not see signs right away but your dog could develop life threatening anemia.

For safety of your dog, your plants and your food (if you grow a veggie patch) it is better to keep your dog away from flower beds and gardens. Bushes (that don’t produce berries), shrubs and trees (particularly those without nuts or fruits) are a safer choice for areas of the yard your dog has unsupervised access to.

Pools- Not all dogs are natural swimmers. If you own a Pug, and English bull dog or anything else with a flat face you will almost certainly need a life jacket.  Not all dogs of other breeds can swim either. Even dogs that love the water and are comfortable in it should always be supervised in the pool in case of an accident. You should swim with a buddy and so should your dog.  Chlorinated pools can result in dry skin for frequent swimmers so you may need to rinse these dogs off and use a coat conditioner if your dog develops flaky irritated skin.  Don’t let dogs swim in any water you wouldn’t swim in. It should go without saying but store your pool chemicals in a shed or room that your dog has no access to. Never assume that the thick plastic packaging that pool chemicals come in will be dog proof. You have seen what those teeth can do to a chew toy…don’t risk it.

Play- This is the time to seize the opportunity to exercise outdoors with your pet. Just keep a few things in mind. Your pet has a fur coat on so if you are hot, they are hotter.  If you get thirsty they are thirstier. Just like people, a pet who is normally a couch potato that suddenly starts running for an hour a day is likely to hurt themselves. Ramp up to an increase in exercise but taking gradually longer and faster paced walks over several weeks. It won’t be long before we are into summer heat and we will need to get exercise very early in the morning or late at night so enjoy the hours of sunshine.

Pests- Fleas and ticks are more common this time of year so keep your dog on regular preventative or keep a sharp eye out.  With the wet spring comes mosquitoes and with mosquitoes comes heartworm so if you aren’t up to date on preventative or testing….get up to date right now.  Watch out for fire ants. They bite curious pets and unsuspecting humans alike. If you have ‘em do your best to get rid of them ASAP.