So, what is MyVetDirect?

It is an online store where TCAC clients can refill prescriptions and order diets and supplies at the click of a button. MyVetDirect ships directly to you.

How MyVetDirect works for you?

  • Convenience! Saves you time and expense by offering online ordering.
  • You will love that your pets diets are delivered to their door!
  • You can order as your schedule allows-no waiting for TCAC to open to pick up your order.
  • You can monitor your order history which makes re-ordering foolproof!

How do I start ordering?

It is as simple as going to MyVetDirect for The Colony Animal Clinic and creating an online account.

MyVetDirect Philosophy:

Your trust is our greatest asset. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that information held by Butler Schein Animal Health affiliated Web sites is confidential and secure. We disclose our information-security practices to you as clearly and fully as possible. These practices receive continuous oversight, and many of our business decisions, including Web design, technology selections, and third-party business relationships, begin and end with considerations for your privacy.

How much does MyVetDirect cost?

The account is free, the only cost is for what you order and shipping (some items are even free shipping).

Please note?

Controlled substances are not available through this web site. In addition, some medications may not be available, due to State specific restrictions.