In-House Lab & Radiology

Blood Chemistry:

Samples of various body fluids can be analysed in our in-house laboratory to give the Veterinary Surgeon more information about the function of many internal organs and to detect disease in our pets. Samples of blood ,urine , faeces, hair etc. can all contribute useful information about the health status of our animals.

 Further information can be gained by analysing blood. The numbers and type of red and white blood cells in the blood is affected by many disease processes. The blood also contains a high quantity of enzymes and chemicals which give information relating to level of organ function and disease.

After a clinical examination a Vet may take samples to check the performance of a particular organ. Alternatively blood tests are carried out to screen for disease.

Pre-anaesthetic Profile:

This profile is highly recommended prior to general anaesthetic administration. Various checks are carried out on kidney and liver function to ensure that these organs are healthy enough to cope with the anaesthetic drugs. Anaemia and Diabetes are also monitored within this screen.


  • Samples of skin, feces and urine are examined  microscopically.
  • Skin scrapes are examined mainly for evidence of parasitic or fungal disease.
  • Fecal samples are also examined for parasites or parasite eggs, undigested food stuffs can help diagnose various diseases of the gut.
  • After spinnning urine in a centrifuge the deposit is examined for crystals and cells, the information gained can be helpful in determining the health of the kidneys and bladder.